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Monster Planet logo
Android Live Wallpaper

Inspired by classic Whack a mole game. In our game you have to destroy monsters on planet with your finger. You can see your current score in right top corner.
WARNING: This wallpaper game is too addictive. :)

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Borgs in Excalbia logo
Android Live Wallpaper

Excalbia, a lava planet located in the space of the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant, homeworld of the Excalbian civilization. In the mid 23rd century, the Excalbians were quite intrigued with the Human concepts of good and evil which led to them performing an experiment in 2269 to examine the notion further. Till, the first Borg ship arrived...

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Christmas Snowing logo
Android Live Wallpaper

Let this Christmas live wallpaper bring you the nice holiday spirit. Enjoy the nice and peaceful snowing panorama with a beautiful Christmas tree. Merry Christmas

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Leon the Lion logo
Android Live Wallpaper

I´m Leon. Leon the Lion. You can dowload me and explore my safari world. Watch me sleeping, or beeing hungry. But don´t make me anry!

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